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Tree care workers have one of the most perilous occupations in the United States. They often have to encounter heights, hazardous conditions, falling branches, hazardous tools, and electrical wires.

After a storm, there is an increase in dangerous situations due to the presence of untrained and unqualified workers with chainsaws, who offer their services to unsuspecting homeowners. Some cities also don’t have the right equipment or enough trained personnel to properly take care of any tree damage. Every year, tree care related deaths account for 80 fatalities and 23,000 chainsaw injuries that require emergency medical care.

Many injuries occur due to lack of proper training and the use of inadequate equipment.

Tree removal may seem like a simple task, but it is actually quite complex. It requires a lot of technical skill and knowledge of how trees react to different seasons and weather conditions. Taking down a tree safely and without causing damage or harm to anyone or anything is a tricky task and should not be taken lightly.